What I Wish I Knew Before Baby…

It’s spring and with spring comes ALOT of babies. I mean alot of babies.

I personally know of 8 babies that have been since April -and those are people I consider friends, not even the off – shoots. Many of these people are having their first babies. With first babies comes so much excitement and apprehension it’s hard to see straight. Of course, after having a kid you’d like to give advice, but you also know better than to give advice:) So with that, for anyone who wants to know, this is what I wish I knew before baby:

  • Your life is going to change: You’re probably thinking duh? Of course it will. But it changes more than you think…and you change. And you have to find this new identity. And it’s scary and hard and takes a very long time but eventually you will find it and you will feel like yourself again…but it may not be until 12-18 months after that little bean is born
  • You’re going to become hyper loyal to your diaper brand: Being savvy, I didn’t think I’d be all that fussed about diapers, I figured I’d always buy what’s on sale and go from there. But once we had 2 blow outs with other diaper brands, I never again strayed from Pampers.. I have been buying Pampers religiously for almost 3 years now, I’ve gone through the Spectrum from newborn to Easy Ups and they have never let me down. I love Pampers so much I am still a #pampersmom and they have given me diapers to give away to you! To enter, let me know what you’re excited about for your baby or what you wish you knew and we’ll pick one lucky winner who will receive diapers in your preferred size along with an Amazon gift card for additional diapers – A giveaway valued at $300! I’m also excited to be sharing a coupon for Pampers diapers with you which you can get HERE.
  • You’ll get through the fog and it will get better: Those first few months can only be described as a fog. Your body isn’t yours, you’re not sleeping, you see your old clothes and books and think you’ll never use them again but somewhere around 3 -4 months the fog lifts. And you start to see glimmers of yourself again…
  • You don’t need many newborn clothes but then you’ll need loads of sizes and fast: Within the first year of B’s life we went through 4-5 different sizes of clothes. I thought if this keeps up, I’m going to be broke but luckily, they stop growing so fast. Now we just change through sizes once a season which is fine by me!
  • Find some mom friends with kids around your kids age, they’ll be your god send: I’m not a huge mommy group/play group kinda person so it took me a while to find some mom friends I actually enjoyed hanging out with. Luckily, they all live within walking distance of me and their kids are all the same age as B so we have alot in common. Not only can we go through kid growing pains together but we can share clothes which keeps costs down. Finally, they truly know what you’re going through at any given time, husband issues, friend issues, morphing into a mom identity issues, all of these are things they can relate to
  • You’ll eventually love your partner again-it’ll take some time but you’ll get back to it: This one was one I sincerely hoped for but didn’t know how it would net out. Somewhere around 18 months I realized we were in a flow. Fighting much less, communicating again, having fun, things were great. But it took TIME. Savvy sidekick is incredibly supportive and patient, he’s also much more self aware then I am so he just kept saying “hang in there, it’ll get better” and somehow-it did. It got great. So it all comes back to a new normal, a better normal…it just takes time

That’s it. Those are the things I wish I knew before baby. Not that I would tell anyone having a baby because until you’re in it, it’s hard to comprehend how different things will be. But my hope is when you’re in that fog and you’re googling, does it get better or what I wish I knew…you stumble across this. And you know..things will get better.

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  1. I wish I would have relied on my own instincts, instead of often listening to advice from family, friends, acquaintances, co workers, books, and even complete strangers. LOL

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