How Working Mothers Can Keep Their Children Entertained

Not running out of interesting play ideas for kids is essential for good parenting. Although it is true that children love attention, most times they just want to be busy playing with toys or friends. The problem is that they get bored easily after using the same toys for weeks and when boredom sets in, they will turn to their lifelong playmate – you. Challenging quizzes, STEM toys, or toys from LEGO Robotics are effective in keeping your child busy while you get your work done.
To keep your child entertained, you need to study his/her play pattern and throw several toys at them to know what they really love. Once you know what they want, you can get them a variety of …

10 Steps on How to Start a Coffee Business Online

Hot Coffee Latte

The high capital requirements of operating a coffee shop prevent most people from even starting to open up shop. The costs for materials acquisition, property rents, and worker recruitment can easily add up. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk too much, you can try opening an online coffee company instead. If you’ve already purchased a coffee maker, than we have the next steps in the process to opening a store here.
Here are 10 steps how:
Figure out who you’re planning to sell to
Individual buyers and nearby cafes and restaurants or other companies will be the two key types of consumers you can have as a digital coffee brand. Each community has very different expectations from a …

SEO Tips for Beginner Mom Bloggers

Beginner Mom Bloggers

SEO can feel like a totally daunting subject for a novice mom blogger. Many SEO in Canada believe that if they aren’t tech whizzes, they’ll never understand the idea of Search Engine Optimization. However, that is not the case at all.
There are thousands of sophisticated SEO tricks and strategies. But, there are also a lot of very easy steps to help your site rank up in Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP). With that in mind, here are some SEO tips that will help you as a beginner mom blogger:

Use Google Keyword Planner

Keep in mind that you are trying to compete against thousands of other websites for a phrase, so using a broad keyword will not get you anywhere, particularly if you…

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