How Working Mothers Can Keep Their Children Entertained

Not running out of interesting play ideas for kids is essential for good parenting. Although it is true that children love attention, most times they just want to be busy playing with toys or friends. The problem is that they get bored easily after using the same toys for weeks and when boredom sets in, they will turn to their lifelong playmate – you. Challenging quizzes, STEM toys, or toys from LEGO Robotics are effective in keeping your child busy while you get your work done.

To keep your child entertained, you need to study his/her play pattern and throw several toys at them to know what they really love. Once you know what they want, you can get them a variety of their preferred toys to keep them busy for longer periods. Also, you need to study their daily routine and build your working hours around their routine. For instance, hyperactive children may play outdoors for longer periods than non-hyperactive children. You need to really figure out what works best for your child.

In this guide, we will expose you to the different ways you can keep your child entertained.

Assign Personal Space

When working from home, it is not fair for mummies to keep all the space to themselves without designating some space for the kids. While you invest in your workspace, also invest in your child’s playroom. That way, all parties are satisfied. Also, it helps draw the line between work and play.

Help Them Use Up Their Energy Early

Kids are not superhumans. They also get tired. Sapping their energy by playing with them thoroughly can cause them to sleep most of the time. And when they are not sleeping, they play gently.

Get Earpods

There will be times when you have to communicate with your colleagues via conference call and clean your baby or prepare meals simultaneously. Cradling your phone in between your shoulder and ear can cause neck pain and you don’t want that. Also, a wrong move can cause a domestic accident. You can also use other wireless headphones, but heavy headphones can cause pain in the ears when worn for a long period of time.

Earpods are not as heavy as headphones and they can be configured to allow environment sound when listening to audio or in a virtual meeting. You may want to let a colleague/client know that you are working from home and not in a commercial workspace. The reason is that your tap, pot, or child might make background noise while you are in a meeting.

Baby Care Is an Option: Get Assistance

Sometimes, you will be assigned quite tasking jobs that would require more time and less distraction. Asking for help when rating a child and working at the same time, does not make you a bad parent. The opposite. When needed, do not hesitate to call your partner, a family member, a friend, or a mother’s helper for assistance.

Prepare or Purchase Snack Packs

A good way to avoid preparing meals in between tasks or meetings is to make or buy snacks beforehand. When your child tells you he/she is hungry, you can easily get the snack from the pantry or refrigerator.

Let Your Child Be of Help

After you have invested in your child’s playroom and given them food, they would occasionally insist on being with you. Children require and deserve their parent’s attention. One way you can give your child your attention without halting work is by letting them understand that mommy needs to work and you need him/her to ‘help’ you quietly. You can ask them to help you build a LEGO treehouse for your client or paint a picture for your website.

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