Raising Kids: Am I Doing It the Right Way?

At some point, we all have gone through a stage where we doubt ourselves and wonder if we are really fit to be parents. Maybe you have read tons of child-rearing books while you’re pregnant or maybe you haven’t read at all but relied instead on pieces of advice from your mom or aunt. But the question is: are you doing things the right way?

Let Kids Be Kids

I know; kids can get really annoying. You can discipline them and talk to them about it, but you have to keep in mind that kids are still in their exploring phase. The only time it’s advisable to interfere with what your kids are doing is if they are unknowingly hurting other people. Other than that, let kids play outside, mingle with people, and do whatever they want. Avoid hurting your kid physically and humiliating them in public.

Treat Them Well

I know of some parents who enroll their kids at ballet school while they are learning piano and violin. I have no problems with that, but as a kid, they wonder why they are doing a lot of things at once. Have you tried asking your kid if he or she wants to do something?

Don’t push your child just because it was your dream when you were younger. It may be beneficial in the future, but try making them learn things one at a time. Lastly, if they are already studying and got a low mark, don’t punish them. Remember that children have different learning styles, that’s why as a parent, you have to make an effort to know what their weaknesses are.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Every person in the world is different. We all have our quirks, and that’s why it is never really a good thing to doubt yourself, especially as a parent. If you are not doing anything wrong and if you feel that what you are doing is for the good of your child, then don’t listen to what others are saying. It’s important that you train yourself to do this because if you don’t, then your child might get this trait too.

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