The Risks of Vaping in the Presence of Children


While vaping isn’t the same as using cigars or cigarettes, it does have its own set of harmful health consequences, particularly for children. It’s difficult not to get the smell of frail smoke from Eurovap when out walking with your children.  You know what’s up: a smell of grapes or candy may be pleasant, but vaping, whether from a neighboring automobile or a bystander, can actually have significant health consequences for your children.

risks of vaping

So, what are the risks of vaping in front of your kids? Let’s find out.

What Exactly Is “Vaping?”

The term “vaping” refers to the use of e-cigarettes. These are rechargeable products that first appeared on the market in the United States in 2006. Of course, they are also known by a variety of titles, trademarks, and styles.

In this case, “mods,” “vape pens,” “e-cigs,” “e-hookahs,” “vapes,” and “electronic nicotine delivery systems” are all terms used to describe e-cigarettes.

In addition, some e-cigarettes are designed to resemble traditional cigarettes or pipes. Meanwhile, others were designed to mimic USB drives, pencils, and other commonplace objects.

While both e-cigarettes and cigarettes contain nicotine, they deliver the substance to the lungs in different ways.

Is Vaping More Harmful Than Smoking?

Vaping is commonly mistaken as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, they pose their own health risks to one’s respiratory, brain, and other organs.

Teenagers who use e-cigarettes, for example, are twice as likely to suffer from issues such as bad cough, asthma, and other issues as those who don’t experience respiratory problems.

Furthermore, due to the increased nicotine levels widely available for e-cigarettes, vaping can make it simpler to become hooked to nicotine.

Aside from that, various carcinogens such as nitrosamines, which can cause cancer, can also be found in secondhand vaping. Unfortunately, the long-term health impacts on users and passersby are unknown at this time.

How Does Vaping Near Newborns and Children Affect Them?

Nicotine and many other toxic substances, like formaldehyde and chemical remnants of the healing process, can be harmful to newborns and kids when you vape around them.

This is because babies and newborns exposed to vaping can breathe or swallow toxic compounds and carcinogens such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nicotine, chemical substances that may be volatile, and small particles, just as they might with cigarettes.

Moreover, because of the metal coil used in the heating element, vaping products often contain larger quantities of metal and silicate bits than cigarettes. In this case, coughing, wheezing, and more common respiratory diseases are all symptoms of nicotine toxicity in kids.

So, when vaping near newborns, you should be mindful that vaping near expectant mothers can also affect the baby’s growth.


Overall, the best approach to keep your kids safe is to never smoke or vape in their presence. However, another option to safeguard youngsters is to use a “smoking jacket” you can keep outdoors and away from them.

Moreover, when you do vape, you also need to make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to safeguard your kids from vaping residues. When you smoke, you should also take a shower, change, and wash your hands before picking up your kid to remove any odors or vape particles.

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