Pinterest has helped a lot of bloggers to achieve high traffic on their site and obtain subscribers for their email list. Personally, I have used Pinterest before just to pin foods, interior designs, and such, not knowing that it can help boost a website’s earnings. But what is Pinterest and how can it really help you with your site?

Pinterest is deemed as a tool to share ideas, designs, and tips with others. As you enter the site, you are made to choose what categories you like most, and from there, you can start pinning and finding inspiration.

It is also regarded as an online scrapbook for some. You can basically find all kinds of things here; may it be fitness and health, cooking, architecture, DIY-related posts, or travel. It is also a visual website, making it more addictive for people to use.

Speaking of addictive, this is the key to utilize the site itself to earn more. Aim to make visually enticing and engaging images because you need them to post on the site. Posting regularly on Pinterest will make you have more followers. More followers and interesting posts mean you are ready to generate more income plus more subscribers for your email list.

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