The best writing tip that I can give to beginner bloggers is to write regularly. It’s possible that it is your first time to write something long, but imagine doing things in a consistent manner and eventually, you will be better at it. Here are more tips that can help you achieve an engaging blog:

Connect with Your Audience

Know your niche, stick with it, and engage with your audience. Isn’t it disappointing when you are a regular reader of a certain blog and have posted comments but never received any replies whatsoever from the blogger himself (or herself)? To gain regular readers, you have to make an effort to talk to them as some of the readers are also the key people to know what your next blog is.

Ask Your Audience

This should not be done all the time, but as I mentioned above, some readers comment on what they want to read next. If that happens, it doesn’t hurt to ask about what topic they want to see on your next post. You should probably go for it when there are a lot of people asking for that topic and who knows, that post might give you huge traffic.

Write as if You Are Talking to a Friend

If your post is very relatable and people reading it will have the impression that it’s a letter or advice from a friend, it will be a more interesting read for them. Getting them engaged has a good chance that they will stay on the site to read more posts from you. Just keep in mind that you can’t fake writing something for a friend, everything has to be genuine because readers will notice it.

Apart from all these tips, learn to search for trending topics about your niche so you can gain more traffic. There are readily available tools online that can benefit your website’s growth.

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